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16th February 2013, Wath Trinity Methodist Church, Wath-Upon-Dearne.


Dr Helen Fenwick, The University of Hull

Surveying the landscape of Amarna: ten years walking in the desert

Dr Malcolm Lilllie, The University of Hull

Prehistoric surgery, pathology and violence - central and eastern European hunter-gatherers and farmers

David Connolly, British Archaeological Jobs Resource

The archaeology of magic and witchcraft in Britain

Alex Sotheran, Elmet Archaeological Services

Tanks for the Memories

Victoria Beauchamp, Workers Educational Association

Digability in the Dearne and beyond

Thomas Booth, The University of Sheffield

Where’s my mummy? Identifying the practice of mummification in the British Bronze Age

Dr Catriona McKenzie, The University of Sheffield

Health and Disease in Gaelic Ireland - The evidence from Ballyhanna

Giovanna Fregni, The University of Sheffield

If I had a hammer: evidence of early metalworking in South Yorkshire

Dr. Roger Doonan and Jonathan Britton, The University of Sheffield

If you go down to the woods today: Investigating the evidence for Historic Iron Smelting in the Dearne Valley

Jennifer Crangle and Linzi Harvey, The University of Sheffield

The Rothwell Chapel Charnel Project: a new analysis of a medieval crypt and ossuary