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Elmet Archaeological Services Ltd is a company with limited liability Registration No: 07165714

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For more information please email Jo at j.pettinger@elmetarchaeology.co.uk

or call 07703838350 or 07840729014

Free sessions for individuals with memory problems, dementia, Alzheimer’s or social isolation and their carers that use historical artefacts and interactive materials to engage the senses. This includes sound, sight, smell and touch, in order to trigger memory recall.

We encourage people to share their experiences and stories to help stimulate the memory, and record them for future generations.

These sessions aims to provide social contact and friendships, improving quality of life.


Each session follows a different theme, for example home life, wash day, cinema or music, and will include associated artefacts like carbolic soap, packaging, clothing patterns and advertisements. We try and include items to involve as many senses as possible, for example things to smell, taste and touch.

The sessions are delivered as interactive displays, presentations, demonstrations, group discussions and activities.

Opening the Memory Box runs every Wednesday in Wath from 10:30 to 12:00.

We can also bring the memory box to you! We can provide sessions to local groups such as nursing homes, community groups or clubs.